Travel Series Spring has Arrived 03/24/2022

Travel. Sunsets. Landscapes. People. Spring! This time of year is special. Spring weather allows more travel, Mother Nature brings us green grass, flowing waterfalls, and time on the backroads of river roads of America. Spring offers that renewal of Earth for all humans, pushing us to think of brighter futures, nature, and the sky. We were fortunate to put two weeks traveling to the SE United States, shooting some golf courses and tournaments, time with our grandgirls, and just enjoying time together on the open road. We hope you have the opportunity to get more outdoor time, as well some positive time with nature and family. “Charge On” Bob

Meteorological Spring 03/01/2022

March 1st is technically Spring, but known as Meteorological Spring. All winter, I have been trying to catch an Eagle grabbing a fish from the river, and today I took the closest with the fish in its talons a split second after seeing it. The second image is a flock of Snow Geese flying north over the Lock and Dam 11 in Dubuque. The third still image is my first photo of the day, taken between the railings of the Lock using my Canon 5D Mark III and a Tamron 150-600mm telephoto lens, with an eagle sitting on an ice flow and its reflection in the crisp river water. It was a beautiful sunny day with only a few clouds; the ice flows were flowing in circles down the river, there were hundreds of ducks and more than one dozen eagles taking advantage of the day’s beauty. I wish you could have been there with me! Enjoy the day and “Charge On!”

River Calls My Name 02/23/2022

Living in a city located along the Mississippi River and near large bodies of water, my entire life opens up a new perspective every single new day. Putting those views into oil, photographs, or aerial images brings me joy to share with others. My new adventures as an international photojournalist will always bring me back to America’s river roads and backroads to keep in touch with my roots. My experiences living overseas for five years and my travels over the globe the past two decades make me realize that life is about both the means and the ends. However, it is the people that make the path worth traveling. Once my business plan and equipment upgrades are complete and the pandemic subsides, we will be traveling across the large bodies of water to bring you new and exciting editorials, documentaries, and photo exhibitions from the planet earth. Until then, enjoy some of my recent favorites taken along the Mississippi River. Wishing all of you the best successes in your life, and remember to stop and look around at the world. 

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