Meteorological Spring 03/01/2022

March 1st is technically Spring, but known as Meteorological Spring. All winter, I have been trying to catch an Eagle grabbing a fish from the river, and today I took the closest with the fish in its talons a split second after seeing it. The second image is a flock of Snow Geese flying north over the Lock and Dam 11 in Dubuque. The third still image is my first photo of the day, taken between the railings of the Lock using my Canon 5D Mark III and a Tamron 150-600mm telephoto lens, with an eagle sitting on an ice flow and its reflection in the crisp river water. It was a beautiful sunny day with only a few clouds; the ice flows were flowing in circles down the river, there were hundreds of ducks and more than one dozen eagles taking advantage of the day’s beauty. I wish you could have been there with me! Enjoy the day and “Charge On!”

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