Invitation to Wonder 04/15/2022

The Galena Center for the Arts is growing in size with the purchase of a former bank building in 2021 to host its exhibitions and competitions. The building will require interior gutting and remodeling, which was delayed due to  Covid-19, over two years. During the pandemic shutdown, they held several online and print exhibitions. The April 2022 print is “Invitation to Wonder” which focused on subjects all around us in this world. Thirty-three artists from the Tri-State area shared their talents and wonder, with many of the paintings, photographs, drawings, and sculptures for sale. You may reach out to the Galena Center for the Arts at On pages 28 and 29, the April 2022 edition exhibits me - Bob Felderman with a photograph of the Dubuque Railroad Swinging Bridge on a foggy morning, an aerial photo of the Veterans Memorial Plaza at Sunset, and a street photograph of a moon over the Dubuque County Courthouse taken through a historic brick alley. The photographs will be printed on canvas and are for sale at $750 each. 

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