Mississippi River Aerial Views Project 12/19/2021

As a former helicopter pilot for 22 years in the military, I miss being in the cockpit but medical issues keep me out of manned aircraft. In 2016, when the FAA opened up the new Part 107 Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Rating I jumped on it and have been flying drones for over five years with hundreds of hours flying. Using a drone as a “camera that is positioned at different angles, but considers composition, lighting, and technique” has become one of my passions and joys as a photographer. With that in mind, a friend recently asked me about making some photographs of the Mississippi River for people to purchase for their homes. I now have an exhibition series of “Mississippi River Aerial” photographs, which will include a link location to purchase the images as panoramas (even with multiple prints combined into a grouping) and landscapes using different materials, and sizes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. Bob

Turning 2022 into a whole new experience 12/14/2021

As the sun is close to setting in 2021, I am excited to finish the year in Colorado with the grand-boys, before starting 2022 in Colorado and Washington, DC. We are planning more backroad and river road routes to and from DC in January, and then to Florida for the TPC Golf Championship in March along with spending time with the grandgirls. We are planning the big international trip to Ireland in late summer with plans to put my photojournalist skills into a documentary project. Look for big things with our photography efforts now that college is over, which will mean putting over a decade of experience and the new skills to good use telling stories about good and happy things in our world. Happy Holidays (all of them for everyone) and Happy New Year to everyone. Bob

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design

I was fortunate to connect with RMCAD in late 2018 for enrollment and started on my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in January of 2019 and will now graduate on the 19th of December 2021, plus I will walk at graduation in May of 2022.  I find the instructors to have a vast realm of experiences, most work in photography through their businesses, and several have become great mentors to me. As one of the oldest students at RMCAD at the age of 66-year-old, I am fortunate to bring many of my business and photography experiences, but I have been able to mentor and assist many of my younger classmates. My goal at college was to learn more about the nuts and bolts of photography, and I have achieved that goal. The online school experience has been fantastic, allowing me to operate my real estate office and visit our grandkids (two boys in Colorado and two girls in Florida) several times each year. I am now identified as an emerging artist and plan to take my new art skills in photography and sketching to new levels. Below are some of my photos over the past three years that were class assignments, showing the improvement to images today. 

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