Peaceful Protests in Dubuque 07/05/2022

Washington Park has historically been the place for different organizations to hold festivals, music, the end location for downtown parades, and peaceful protests. Over the last 30 days, one protest was against gun violence, and another was against the SCOTUS termination of Roe v. Wade that was supported in 1973. Walking around the park, I saw many Dubuquers I knew, several of our Iowa congressional delegation, babies to Octogenarians, and different nationalities. It has been my honor for the past decade to photograph significant entertainment events, presidential visits, real estate, and more. Only recently have I taken to storytelling with images as a photojournalist. These are some exciting times, and I look forward to covering some international humanitarian efforts soon. Take care all. Bob 

First Day of Summer 06/21/2022

Summer is about exploring, adventure, excitement, travel, and being productive and fun. For many, summer may mean kicking back and spending time visiting family as the pandemic restrictions open up. For others, it could mean hitting the golf course, baseball fields, river, and even jumping out of an airplane. Starting the 21st of June 2022, it is the summer solstice in Iowa, the longest day of the year. Whatever your summer is, be sure to take many photographs to share or hire someone like me to document one day in your life. 

Published in Professional Roofing, the source for the roofing industry. 05/25/2022

Commercial photography can take you to many exciting aspects of life in America. Aerial photography is one aspect of my commercial business that continues to grow, but it does not come with just going out and buying a drone. A commercial photographer needs to consider a drone as it does all their other cameras. Too many beginners believe they can purchase a drone, and it will spew out all of these fantastic images, but that is not true. Flying a drone was the easy part since I had flown helicopters for over twenty years in the military. Learning how to take advantage of the aerial camera capabilities to accent the composition, use of lighting, and creativity makes it a benefit to a commercial and editorial photographer’s success. This is one of my most recent recognitions of my aerial work. The Paul Meissner Roofing Company has been hiring me for about a year to take still and moving images of the house and specialty real estate roofs they install. He shares them with his clients and uses them to promote his business. They are one of the top wood roof installers in the Midwest, and Professional Roofing Magazine saw some of my images of this historic property that Paul’s team restored. If you look closely, you will see several power lines, tree branches, and dark areas of shade, making this only one of the many precarious shoots I have undertaken for Meissner Roofing. Finally, getting recognition for your work is a pleasant experience, but it helps promote your skills as a photographer and that your business has the expertise. For those who have ideas on using aerial photography or videography, I recommend getting the education and skills in an ever-expanding business area. Check out the magazine at Thanks, Bob

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