Entertainment Photography September 2022

Shooting bands is exciting, but often frustrating. I shoot for an entertainment magazine that wants lots of images of the band and the audience. Bands usually limit photos to first three songs of the headliner, no flash, and from certain areas like the stage pit. Some bands limit to one song and only from the sound booth, which is always behind the entire audience seating. Know ahead of time your limits and expectations, such as a meet and greet. Request additional equipment from the house to get the best view when needed. These photographs of Z Z Top were from about 50 meters away next to the sound setup. There was a tiny platform for three photographers, but I got permission to stand on the sound booth platform. Often, the venue will allow you to stay and listen to the bands set, but too often you get escorted outside. These types of shoots are fun when allowed backstage, and given time to interact with band members, especially those who understand we want to share their faces to an adoring public.

Photography Shoot Travel 8/19/2022

Travel takes planning and preparation. It starts with deciding what photography equipment you need for planned and spur of the moment photo shoots. This trip was focused on images of bridges and rivers along backroads of the South. That meant drone, extra batteries, blades, and chargers. I always take a travel bad with a dozen lenses, batteries, disks, and filters, plus two camera bodies, and at least two tripods. Next was clothing for the season, medicines, The route gets selected based on weather (hurricanes, flooding), time available, and known construction. We have had to divert planned paths due to hurricanes, and cut short a trip due to COVID. Once we know dates we make room reservations at tge destinations, but leave nights on tge road open for any adventurous adjustments. As a former military planner, and helicopter pilot, I always pack for backups needed. Then it is time to get out there and enjoy the trip and the shoot. We prefer driving in tge US which gives us more equipment allowed to bring. When traveling internationally the amount of gear is significantly reduced, and if necessary plan to buy some items in country or ship ahead of time to place of lodging. 

Peaceful Protests in Dubuque 07/05/2022

Washington Park has historically been the place for different organizations to hold festivals, music, the end location for downtown parades, and peaceful protests. Over the last 30 days, one protest was against gun violence, and another was against the SCOTUS termination of Roe v. Wade that was supported in 1973. Walking around the park, I saw many Dubuquers I knew, several of our Iowa congressional delegation, babies to Octogenarians, and different nationalities. It has been my honor for the past decade to photograph significant entertainment events, presidential visits, real estate, and more. Only recently have I taken to storytelling with images as a photojournalist. These are some exciting times, and I look forward to covering some international humanitarian efforts soon. Take care all. Bob 

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