Fashion Photography November 2022

Fashion photography is one of the more enjoyable sessions as a commercial photographer. A local lifestyle magazine, Julien’s Journal, hired me,  to make an image for an advertisement in its December holiday issue. While at the shop, I had such a good time that I made many extra images that shared a story of athleisure wear, a staff that enjoys their work, and an owner who gets involved. 

Travel Photography October 2022

Travel photography is all about fun, adventures, and learning. I am fortunate to have traveled around the world as a child with my Navy officer father, but even more as an adult in my military career. I now plan to make social documentaries while traveling to more of the world. Traveling as a photographer requires the minimum of equipment as possible, depending upon the assignment, but making sure you have enough to get the message across for the client or the subject. In the United States, we like to drive, giving the opportunity to carry more equipment, but I do not as a way of planning for international travel. My recent trip was across Kansas, Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa. One aspect included street photography in Boulder, Colorado, to offer the storytelling view of someone from outside of town and the area.

Entertainment Photography September 2022

Shooting bands is exciting, but often frustrating. I shoot for an entertainment magazine that wants lots of images of the band and the audience. Bands usually limit photos to first three songs of the headliner, no flash, and from certain areas like the stage pit. Some bands limit to one song and only from the sound booth, which is always behind the entire audience seating. Know ahead of time your limits and expectations, such as a meet and greet. Request additional equipment from the house to get the best view when needed. These photographs of Z Z Top were from about 50 meters away next to the sound setup. There was a tiny platform for three photographers, but I got permission to stand on the sound booth platform. Often, the venue will allow you to stay and listen to the bands set, but too often you get escorted outside. These types of shoots are fun when allowed backstage, and given time to interact with band members, especially those who understand we want to share their faces to an adoring public.

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