About Bob

      Bob Felderman has traveled much of Planet Earth, seeking out human interaction in his role as a strategic planner and operator. His experience meeting people varied from those who lived or worked in poverty, to the middle and upper-class citizens, to Kings and Presidents who rule or run their nation, which has had an immense impact on his philosophy of life. These opportunities helped shape his creativity to focus on the life challenges and opportunities on the inhabitants around the globe, of which his photojournalism and commercial photography brands focus.
     Felderman is based out of the Midwest United States, along the Mississippi River, only a handful of driving hours to Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Omaha.
     Bob spent much of his life using his brain's left side to defend our nation for four decades, and he is still an active Iowa Real Estate Broker. Since 2010 he has developed his storytelling by making images through his continued experiences traveling the globe. He continues to accept photojournalism, commercial photography, and writing assignments for print publications.


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