About Bob

          Bob has traveled much of our planet Earth seeking out human interaction in his role as a strategic planner and operator. His experience meeting people who lived or worked in poverty, to those in the middle and upper-class citizens, to Kings and Presidents who rule or run their nation has an immense impact on his philosophy of life. These opportunities have shaped his creativity to focus on the life challenges and opportunities to the inhabitants of our planet, of which his photojournalism and photography brand focuses.
          Bob is based out of the Midwest United States, along the Mississippi River, only a handful of driving hours to Chicago, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Omaha.
       Bob spent much of his life using his brain's left side to defend our nation for four decades. Since 2010 he has developed his brain's right side to make images from his continued experiences traveling the globe as a photojournalist and photographer. He continues to accept photography and writing assignments for print publications.  

Artist Statement

          Bob Felderman is a photojournalist who has traveled America and the world, confronting challenges in the global art community using media for storytelling. He travels along backroads and river roads, capturing sights and scenes not noticed in today’s hectic and fast-paced life. Sometimes Felderman’s’ creations are planned shoots for a client, or they pop up, which is why he always keeps cameras and lenses readily available. Bob lets the location and human interactions motivate his stories while traveling the earth. He has shown the willingness to get wet, cold, or dirty taking reasonable risks to get the right shot.
          As a commercial photographer, Bob is known for his architectural 3D Virtual tours of houses, businesses, and museums, as well as his philanthropic and entrepreneurial photography. He creates images to tell stories based on his creativity and experiences in life. He uses his energy to travel the world with assignments and exhibitions in mind, to develop his writing and make images for publication in magazines through his experiences with people, places and things. Bob’s images highlight storytelling efforts for aerial, commercial, entertainment, nature, and human interactions.
          Felderman is an award-winning artist and writer who competes in local, national, and international fine art competitions to enhance his talents. His commercial photography assignments include magazines, television, movies, music albums, advertising, and private art commissions. His equipment allows him to produce journalistic content with drones, cameras, three-dimensional, panoramic, 360-degree, and the many accessories to produce still and moving images.
          Bob currently holds press credentials with the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA), The American Legion Media Alliance (TALMA), the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), 365Ink Entertainment Magazine, and Julien’s Journal Lifestyle Magazine, He is a Certified Drone Photographer through his many years as a member of Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 
          To challenge himself, Felderman is enrolled at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Photography (12/2021).  Bob holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Management & Flight Operations (05/1988) from the University of Dubuque, Iowa, and a Master’s Degree in National Security Strategy (06/2001) from the National Defense University, Washington, DC. He is a Certified Legislative Liaison (03/2001) from Georgetown University in Washington, DC, and he is a retired U.S. Army Brigadier General who served an illustrious 36-year career.


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