Featured Photographer by Colorado Photography Art Center 05/02/2022

It is always exciting to be recognized and featured in an exhibition, winning an art contest, or getting publicity for your photographs. The Colorado Photography Art Center (CPAC), located in Denver and founded in 1963, has just featured me on its website at https://cpacphoto.org/featured-cpac-member-bob-felderman/. In 2020, I was selected by CPAC as an emerging artist after a juror artist competition. This often brings new customers, but it always helps out the resume. Check out the CPAC website and consider joining as a member. They are a 501C3 that relies on donations, and they are gearing up for a 2023 move to an exciting new location. Every other year, they host the “Month of Photography Denver Festival” with March 2023 scheduled for the next event. I hope you will consider becoming a member or making a donation towards excellent photography hosted in exhibitions, education, and community outreach https://cpacphoto.org/donate/. Thanks, Bob

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